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Conservatory Cleaning in Preston - FAQ's

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Breathe new life into your property with
Clarkson Commercial Window Cleaning

Recent Questions

Q: You advertise as Clarkson Commercial, do you clean houses too?

A: Yes, we clean just about anything up to about a height of 36ft, approx 3 floors, such as Hotels, Large domestic Properties, Schools and Public Houses.

Q: Why are you using this new system of window cleaning?

A: Window cleaning is inherently dangerous and there are up to 10 deaths per year, because of this the industry is working to new regulations of Working at Height to ensure safety of cleaning operatives.

Q: Can you clean the Windows above my Conservatory?

A: If we can see the whole window from the ground there is a good chance we can clean it!

Q: Do you do any other cleaning?

A: Yes, we clean Conservatory Roofs, Facia Boards, Signs, usually anthing Plastic or Glass.

Q: Do you give a guarantee?

A: Yes, if within 24 hours there are any problems get in contact and we will return and rectify free of charge.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We dont believe in bothering you in the evening as this is your family time. Pay your Window Cleaner when he comes to clean or if you are out, we will leave you a stamped addressed envelope so you can send your payment. We also offer the facility to allow you to pay by bank transfer.

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