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Preston Window Cleaners - How Does it Work?

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Waterfed Pole System - How Does it Work?

The secret of the system is the use of filtered water, which is water without any mineral or chemical content, ie pure water. The water is pumped through a hosepipe, up a telescopic waterfed pole and through jets in the brush head where it is sprayed onto the window.

The brush and water, through agitation, loosen the dirt and flush it away. The main difference is after the window has been rinsed well it is left wet. There are no impurities in the water and the window dries perfectly clear.

The main advantages of the Waterfed Pole System are:

1. Purified water cleans with greater efficiency and is environmentally friendly, no detergents or chemicals are used, which means the window stays cleaner longer.

2. Windows and Frames are cleaned to a high standard.

3. Complies with Health and Safety Legislation.

4. Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease.

5. Eliminates damage to buildings, lawns, flowerbeds etc, which may be caused by the use of ladders.

6. Maintains customer privacy.

7. Safety, less risk of falling off the ladder and less risk of injury to others caused by falling objects as all the work is done from the ground.

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